The Detox Market Finds: ILIA Beauty

A little while ago I tweeted that The Detox Market was having a free shipping deal. I, of course could not pass up the opportunity myself so I ordered a couple of things to review for you. Since going green with my make up one of my main concerns was lipstick. I wear it on a daily basis and that means some of it ends up going in my mouth and body through my food and drinks during the day.
I was on the hunt for a classic red colour and a blue toned pink! ILIA Beauty was the brand that caught my eye with their beautiful packaging and colour selection. The two colours I picked were Strike It Up and Pink Kashmir.

Here is a photo of my natural lips with no products just a bit of lip balm.

Strike it up is a true red with blue undertones. I love how bold it is! as it starts to wear off, it leaves the lips tinted a rosy colour so none of that awkward line around the lips situation that we’ve all experienced at some point!

Pink Kashmir is a cool, electric pink colour. I cannot wait until the Summer months when I will get to wear this more often.
The formula of the lipsticks is so beautiful. They go on smooth and creamy and have a semi-matte finish. You definitely don’t have to worry about your lips drying out with these. The packaging is gorgeous, feels and looks very luxurious. ILIA lipsticks are 0.14 oz and sell for $34.00 on The Detox Market website.

I also picked up a lip balm because the cold, dry air had done a number on my lips. They were cracking and just painful so I decided to try out this HURRAW! coconut lip balm. How fun is the name?!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these. Also if you would like for me try any natural products let me know in the comments and I will try and review them for you!


  1. Andreea Birsan
    2017-02-20 / 5:13 pm

    Loving the pretty colors of their lipsticks! The red one is defo my favorite! Have a lovely start of the week! x