Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, hope you have all had a good week. I have been sick with a cold for the past few days so been resting up. I have decided to start up another series on my blog again. My favourite things I find through out the week, which I’ll share on Fridays. So here is the first one. Share your favourites in the comments too.

1. It’s December! I love this month. Everything is more cosy, there are christmas lights every where and people are just happier. Also the perfect excuse for all the hot chocolate and marshmallows right?

2. Gilmore Girls. I used to watch this show religiously and wanted to be Rory Gilmore all through my teen years. So when the revival came on Netflix I was over the moon. Now I’ve finished all episodes and am definitely going through withdrawals.I really hope there are more episodes in the future. Anyone else love this show too?

3. Half The Sky. In the past few months I’ve been trying to educate myself about feminism and have been reading the books recommended by Our Shared Shelf. If you haven’t heard of this platform yet, it is a book club created by Emma Watson. The book is definitely an eye opener and I would recommend it to everyone, male or female.

4. This article. A friend shared this with me. Based on conversations I’ve had with other people my age, I think lots of us could benefit from reading it.

Let me know what you think of any of these? Also I’m starting to blog regularly, for now at least 3 times a week 🙂