Pacifica Stellar Gaze mascara review

Hello beautiful friends,
I am back with a mascara review today. I have been using and loving the Pacifica natural minerals Stellar Gaze mascara and thought it was time to share it here with you as well. I didn’t want anything too dramatic and wanted a more natural look. I was also finding that regular mascaras were drying my eyes and I would end up with painful, red eyes at the end of the day.I found this mascara at Whole Foods but you can also find it online here and here. I am wearing the shade Supernova in the photos, which is a dark black.

As you can see in the photos this mascara definitely makes a beautiful change in the look of the eyes without being too dramatic. It lengthens the lashes and gives the a bit of a fuller look. At the same time lashes look natural enough that I feel comfortable wearing this mascara to work.

I don’t find that this mascara smudges until much later in the day, as any other would on me. It is also very comfortable for me so no more red and burning eyes at the end of the day!
Let me know if you have tried this mascara or if there are any other natural mascaras that I should try and review for you!


  1. 2017-04-18 / 2:58 pm

    I love what it did to your lashes!!!!! Thanks for sharing, dear.

    xoxo from California!