Skin SOS: Dove and Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to write a little rave about a couple of products that I have been using for about 2 years now and am loving. I have had eczema ever since I was a baby. Basically I have clinically dry skin and little red bumps all over my body. The red bumps have over the years just disappeared from everywhere except for my thighs and my upper arms. Not only are they ugly but they are itchy and if I scratch them or if I wear clothing with rough fabric they can get irritated and bleed.
Gross? yes, Ugly? yup.
Over the years I’ve tried many products and lotions and such and have finally found two products that have helped me reduce these bumps to the point that they have almost disappeared. This is actually kinda like a lil miracle to me.
The first product that actually got rid of the bumps in a course of about 6 months is the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Amazingness in a bottle!

I am in no way exaggerating and once I have a proper camera again I will take a photo of my arms and show you the smoothness.
I use this product with a fluffy pink loofah and scrub in a circular motion. It is extremely gentle and very moisturizing and I use it every day and if my skin can handle that I’m pretty sure anyone’s can. I am so very impressed by this product and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good body scrub that works and is very affordable. I purchase mine from Walmart and they are around $4-6 depending on the size.

The second product that has helped me get soft skin is the Bath and Body Works body lotion. After I get out of the shower I put this lotion on and I’m good to go. These lotions absorb into my skin very fast so I don’t have to stand around waiting for it to dry so I can get dressed. They have an amazing range of scents and so far I have purchased and loved Dark Kiss, Sensual Amber and Twilight Woods.

I don’t really like the formulation of their body creams that come in the toothpast tubes as they are too thick for my skin and also they make my skin sting. But their Body lotions are the only lotions I have ever tried that are scented but won’t irritate my skin.
I have also found that using the body scrub everyday and then applying the lotion is much more effective than doing one or the other alone.
So there you have it, my secret weapon to getting soft skin in the harsh Canadian winters!
hope you enjoyed this and have a great night!


  1. 2011-04-21 / 5:48 am

    nice! these are so easy to access so that works out wonderfully 🙂 I’m sorry you have such sensitive skin! My Sister does too, really bad, and is always at a battle with bumps and weird rashes, etc. Annoying! I’ll have to tell her about the exfoliator! It’s always so nice to find something that helps with your condition or issue isn’t it? Like when I discovered vaseline on my chapped skin… omg… ps! that j.lo picture was fun. Granted she looks great! But I would think that would be more of a stage costume instead of a normal one… looked kinda tacky for daytime I thought, but what do I know!

  2. 2011-04-25 / 3:16 am

    These are such great products even if you dont have sensitive skin, but that would make things harder for sure. Great post =)

  3. 2013-02-14 / 1:47 am

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