Spark Sessions Conference: 5 Things I learned

Spark Sessions If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would know that this past weekend I attended, for the first time, the Spark Sessions Fashion and Beauty Blogger conference. I’ll be honest, I had my doubts and decided very last minute to attend. I can now say that I am so very glad that I decided to invest into this weekend.

In the business of blogging it is very easy to feel isolated. We generally do the majority of our content creation at home and at our desks so this weekend was just what I needed. Here are 5 things I learned from these two days:
Vanessa Craft SparkSessions

1. NETWORK. I am generally a shy person, have been all my life, until I get to know a person and then the crazy is unleashed…;) haha. Seriously though, chances are people you meet there are people like yourself who can feel awkward and shy too. I had set a goal for myself, whoever I was standing near at any time during the weekend I would introduce myself to. I am proud to say I did just that and it was amazing! Also don’t forget to follow up with tweets, instagram or any way of messaging, this is important!!

2. HAVE BUSINESS CARDS. I unfortunately didn’t have any. Not only did I miss out on some awesome prizes but most importantly I didn’t have a way of letting people have my information. I did however make sure to add whoever I met on instagram so they would have at least one way of knowing who I am!

3. TAKE NOTES. Whenever you attend any kind of session/workshop for blogging make sure you have a way of taking notes. I recommend paper and pen since it’s a lighter option than a laptop which makes it easy to quickly jot down any info on the go.

4. EMPOWER EACH OTHER. It is true that all of us bloggers in that room were essentially each other’s competition but that doesn’t mean that we can’t also look at each other as a network as a whole. We all understand the amount of work each of us puts into creating and publishing content better than anyone else so why not help each other out when we can? There is room for everyone πŸ™‚

5. HUSTLE. These types of conferences can be very inspiring because of the speakers and all the attendees you meet but don’t forget to use the energy and knowledge to better yourself and your work! Take charge because the work will not just come to you, you have to go after it. Not going to lie, after that first day I have been buzzing with ideas πŸ™‚
SparkSessions+Day1Outfit Details:
Top:Zara | Pants: H&M| Boots: The Bay| Necklace: Lulu*s
Benefit+SparkSessions SparkSessions+Day2Outfit Details:
Top: Zara| Bomber: Garage| Skirt: Zara| Booties: Flurries

A HUGE thanks to the Spark Sessions team for putting together a wonderful weekend filled with great speakers and an amazing amount of helpful knowledge!


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    Sounds like you had an amazing time at the conference! I’m thinking of attending next year.

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