toxin free beauty haul: Pure Anada

I have slowly been making changes in my beauty products. I am trying to go toxin and cruelty free with my make up and skin care. I tried this a few years ago but didn’t take the time to properly research so it didn’t go very well. This time I’m doing research and trying my best. Whatever we put on our skin eventually ends up inside our bodies and that can be a little bit scary.
In this post I’m going to show you what I ordered on I can find really affordable products on there. This is so helpful since going organic and toxic free can be an expensive process.
I decided to buy everything from the same brand and the brand I chose this time was Pure Anada. I chose this brand because they are made in Canada and I like to support Canadian businesses as much as I can. Their products are made from organic ingredients and are toxin free. They’re also cruelty free.

I bought two pressed eye shadows. Whisper (top in photo) and Breeze (bottom in photo), which are both a demi-matte formula. They both give that beautiful satin finish look.
I also bought two lip products from Pure Anada. First is their Petal Perfect lipstick in the colour Carnation (bottom in photo). This has a slightly metallic finish and is a rosy brown colour. Next I bought their Natural Lip Gloss in the colour Pink Orchid (top in photo). This is a nice pink colour and gives the lips that juicy look.

I will do a full review in another post once I’ve used the products and can tell you more about their staying power. Have you used Pure Anada? let me know what you think!

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  1. Carolin Se
    2017-02-19 / 6:16 am

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but the swatches look really good! Thanks for sharing I would be really interested in a full review 🙂

    What about following each other on bloglovin? <3

    Caro x